Marie Forleo: The Life Changing Mentor EVERY Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs To Know


***Warning:  there’s a lot of photos in this post. You will notice MOST of the photos of me…I look absolutely miserable. The truth is…I was. Notice how I start looking slightly happier when I was with Mastin Kipp. Just an observation I made ♥ When I took the leap to entrepreneurship, I thought I was simply escaping the rat race. I had no idea that this big risk would impact my entire life. This one decision made it possible for … Continue reading

The Easiest Way To Make A Difference In The World

Effective blogging

Before we dive in, let me provide THIS disclaimer: I am NOT in any way a business coach. I can’t help you with a business plan, marketing, writing copy or a launch plan. Although I’m amazing at helping you get clear on your soul’s mission and showing you how to align with work you love from a spiritual prospective, I can’t help you strategize the type of business you should have, or teach you how to run it. However, I do … Continue reading

If You Want Happiness, Freedom & Success, You MUST Do This

Hey soul-sister! Today, I have a major call to action for you. One that will assist with your Freedom, Happiness, and Success. A pre-challenge before the 21 Day Blissed-Out Challenge begins. A safety blanket before the “shit hits the fan” so to speak. A challenge that you can do alongside the 21 Day Challenge. Before I give you the pre-challenge, I want to tell you a quick story. As a recovering co-dependent, my biggest challenge was I was a chronic: … Continue reading

What To Do When Your Schedule Is Driving You Crazy And Blocking Your Bliss


Does it ever feel like you just don’t have enough time in the day? Do you find yourself questioning how your dreams are possible, when you can’t even figure out how the hell to get laundry done weekly? Have fun, date nights, self-care, even sex become low on your totem pole of priorities? Not because you don’t want these things…but because it seems like your life is one big time suck? Drum roll please…… This CAN be fixed. No really. … Continue reading

Why You Should Start Using Crystals

How to use crystals

  Do you have a fascination with crystals? Have you started wearing them, or placing them around your home? Do you ever see folks toting them and have no idea why? Have you been told to use them, but don’t have a clue how to get started? In this post you’ll learn the benefits of using crystals, how to use them, how to choose them, and a dose of crystal synchronicity. Since I was a kid I was always drawn … Continue reading

What The Hell Are Chakras And Why Are They So Important?

Hola gorgeous soul, Today I have a crash course prepared for you. Chakras 101. Chakras are one of my absolute FAVORITE things to discuss!!! This isn’t just a topic for woo-woo centric folks…. If you’re planning to improve your mind, body, spirit, have intentions to live a holistic lifestyle, want to become more “spiritual”, have any interest in yoga or meditation, or simply want a better life, or want an exceptional life, awareness of your chakras is a must! Non-negotiable … Continue reading

Law Of Attraction, Affirmations & Vision Boards Not Working For You? Try This

Photo above: A despacho created by Adhikari in a previous ritual to honor and pray for her beloved guru ShantiMayi. There are many methods for manifesting your desires, intentions and prayers. Traditional prayer, rituals, invocations, meditation, affirmations and the “Law of Attraction” are the most commonly understood manifestation techniques. So what do you do when the Law Of Attraction, Affirmations & Vision Boards fail to bring forth that which you seek. I’ve recently learned a way that seamlessly infuses all of … Continue reading

12 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Experience True Bliss

How to follow your bliss

There’s a dangerous virus going around. You may have caught it. It’s a bad, deadly case of the “when-I’-haves”. Many of us are walking around tossing back green juice like shots of tequila, and burning up our Vitamix in order to avoid illness of the body. But why are we so quick to ignore illness of the mind and spirit? Only when Mind, Body and Spirit are in harmony can we truly live our best, happiest, most fulfilling life. We … Continue reading

How To Use Mantras To Upgrade Your Life

In order to have a blissful life, there’s one major requirement: You MUST upgrade your spirituality. It doesn’t matter what religion or tradition you align with. The spiritual method and tools you use are equally unimportant. However, there’s one thing I know for sure: you can NOT truly live the life of your dreams if your spiritual practice and connection with yourself and the Universe looks like shit. If your relationship with spirituality is equivalent to a narcissistic mom and … Continue reading

An Ancient Method For Creating A Life You Love

Full Moon Ritual

~Do you have some junk in your life that’s been weighing you down? ~Have people, ideas, negative thoughts, projects, a job or situations that you need to let go of? ~Experiencing blockages to manifestation?  ~Ready to clear the clutter and make space for more awesomeness in your life?  ~Ready for a fresh start?  ~Then it sounds like it’s time to indulge in an ancient method that can change your life forever. A healthy dose of ritual and ceremony. Since the … Continue reading